Chapter Two – What can it do?

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Imagine anything, anything at all. It can make that. Well, it can make that if you have a Model that is willing to write up the program to make it.

Items such as Food, Clothes, furniture, machines, computers (called in this age, ports) abstract objects etc.

Now, when they first built one of these, there were only a few well respected, and closely scrutinized scientists who were, then, careful in their use of this technology. They came up with 1 code amongst themselves to ensure no real danger would come to anyone or anything. Avoid printing anything living, or anything that could hurt or damage the living. No animals, plants, virusus, or weapons of any sort. That didn’t last for long.

There were thousands of threads and online forums that proposed stirring debate, such as ‘Was printing a knife ok for cooking?” and “How does one define a weapon, could a baseball not be used as a weapon?” and the one that turned John Stevens into the most prolific figures of his time, “What if I have a disease, and only some kind of living bacteria/culture/cell is all that would keep me alive?”

Chapter 3 – The Final Frontier

Chapter 1 – Intro?

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When we were first experimenting with atomic-nano printing, we did simple things. Printed stuff we wanted. From cars to planes, and even beautiful fabrics and abstract objects that were sculpted from the minds of talented 3d modelers (now called, curiously enough, models). That’s when things got really weird.

One fine day, a curious gentleman by the name of John Stevens awoke from his slumber.  John was an interesting fellow, and tended to experiment with modeling.  He once designed a pair of shoes that got taller around other genltmen when the user was feeling anxious.  I’m not even going to explain to you how they did that, because it would probably make you queasy.

This treatment became popular with short boys (their fathers hated being short themselves) who, consequently, all grew up to be pricks, but  I’m getting ahead of myself.

John spent many recent a week studying brain-chemistry; neorendorphines, serotonin, dopamine, etc., and its relationship to to psychiactric experiences.  John wondered if he could perhaps utilize the atomic nano-printer, now called a Goopmacher.  Goopmacher may sound like a stupid word, but once you know what it can do, you may crap yourself.  The name is due to John Stevens original atomic nano-printers OS’s ‘form-field’, or ‘ff’, like a desktop background for a computer, but in 3d, sitting in something that looks like a coiled and glowing birdbath), a bubbling pile of beautiful, color changing, metalliic luminecint gloop.  John Stevens, of course, dubbed this material ‘Goop’, and it was so known.  The ‘macher’ comes from what he thought sounded German for maker, although he was neither german nor a linguist.  The first time most people see this, they often consider it something of inspiration, beauty, and pure ‘holy-shit’-ness.

Some become afraid.

Chapter 2 – What can it do?

Would you kill people just to hang around in Samsara?

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What if this life is an improvement for our consciousness over whatever ‘we’ might have been before? What if causation is the way of things here, and stagnation is what exists elsewhere, no peace, no war, no light, no dark, no no…

Would you commit evil to not drift away into silence?

Newton was wrong, for every action there is an infinite and ceaseless number of reactions.

I suppose any echo loud enough to resonate here is best… and 10 millions years to some may be better than none.

Warriors of Matter, exist!, Warriors of life, expand!  Cease not and immortality is ours!

These thoughts are not about condoning murder, but in the vain attempt to justify the murder of so many people every day for vanity, selfishness, greed, pride, and ignorance.

Much Love


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A thousand shards of speckled glass

spin wildly from my cortex down my arms.

Down my spine and back, legs and feet

and back again.

I am


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Hey all, you have probably been steered here from the paranoidzen mailing.


We need you help, we need contributors.  Peruse around, and if you like what you see and want to write for us, just let me know!

Much Love


Athiesm, Religion and Science are all wrong

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Its true.  None of them have hard evidence, its all based on theory.  We are all fools following the loudest.

Cymatics, Mandalas, Mantras, and the name of God

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Or, how to redesign your own universe…

So cymatics supposes, in essence, all things are echoes of a greater vibration. The Christian”Word”. The consequence of Karma, the Buddhas endless ocean waves.
All of it can be called various frequencies of the same energy, the real question is, what is that energy? Why is it? And this is where everyone falls off.

Perhaps when we speak, act, or think, our vibrations send off an infinite number of chain reactions that go off and setup new dimensions that your karma will one day take you too, which is why it is SO important to cleanse your karma, already, billions of lives await you. Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it?

Maybe we are un-Buddhists, taking this ride for the sheer thrill of it? Maybe we are warriors of light, turning the darkness conscious? Maybe we aren’t but the dream of another? Maybe they aren’t but a dream of us?

Perhaps these Mantras have something going for them. Perhaps this is why in deep states tone has so much influence.

I think its funny that science professes all life is a chemical reaction but have no interest in what individuals who play with those chemical reactions have to say.